Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Be known for something good!

Be known for something good! Discover your talent and don't tarry in using it. Make a firm determination not to be a person that came to this world without making any impact on people. It is worrisome to know that many people can spend hours watching and applauding others using their talents when they have failed to discover or use their own.
It is good to appreciate and applaud others using their talents but the crime is when you have to spend your quality time watching others without you finding a reason for being and a way to be applauded and watched also.
It is never too late to discover your talent and start utilising it to achieve success for yourself. Don't overlook this call. Don't delay any longer. Discover what you love to do and what gives you joy and fulfillment when you do it. Start to use it! Dream big, decide what you want to become in life and pursue it passionately. Don't be a spectator, be a participant. You are not just here to look, you are here to do. Start doing what you were created to do now. Time waits for no one. Fulfil your purpose on earth. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Monday, 12 June 2017

Keep your dreams alive.

Keep your dreams alive. Don't allow anything in the world to keep you away from pursuing your dreams. Determine within yourself that not even the difficulty you're facing at the moment can take you away from living your true potential in life. Life is not a bed of roses. There are more sorrows that joys in life. Don't expect things to happen the way you want them to be at all time. But in those tough times, make a decision to keep your dreams alive.
Refuse to be weary. Don't remain under. Stand where you can see every possibility in life. Fight within to release yourself without. Keep the fire burning. It is not far away anymore. You are almost there. Things will fall in place in no time and you'll be happy you held on. Remember you deserve all the good things in life. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Friday, 9 June 2017

Make a decision to move on and not be weary in life.

Move on! Make a decision to move on and not be weary in life. It is not how far but how well. You might have been looking for a job for years and yet no positive signs coming through. Decide to move on! Life may be knocking you down each and everytime you try a new thing. Decide to move on! You long for that promotion at work and yet it doesn't come. Decide to move on! You've failed your exams severally and you're afraid of enrolling for another one. Decide to move on! You try always to showcase your talents to the world but everytime you go unnoticed. Decide to move on!
Everything that happens to us in life happens after a decision. Please, make a good decision today that will influence your future positively. You have to keep marching on and don't give up to pressure and disappointment of life. Be rest assured that if you can follow your dream and hold on to what you believe in without being weary. You will get to that promised land of yours. Remember you are a WINNER! You deserve great success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

What are you still waiting for?

What are you still waiting for? Aren't you gonna go out there now and make a decision to start living up to your true potential in life while you can still breathe? Aren't you gonna make use of your talent and gift to impact lives positively now and die empty? Won't you fulfil the reasons for your existence now when you can still see the sun? Since death is inevitable.
Myles Munroe made us to understand that "the wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery." Because "in the cemetery is buried the greatest treasury of untapped potential." Being fulfilled or successful in life is not all about how much wealth you are able to acquire, but the number of lives you are able to influence positively.
Do people feel your wealth? Does your lifestyle inspire and motivate other people? Do you try to put smile on other people's faces? Do you just want to acquire wealth and go without leaving a good legacy or mark behind? What will you be remembered for? Know that you will be remembered for whatever thing you do while you are alive. The moment you close your eyes, you can't do a thing again. Life is short you know!
This is a wake up call for everyone to discover who you really are and start living the dream. Start empowering people. I want to die empty at the end of my race in life. Do you? Make it happen now. Remember you are here for a purpose. You deserve fulfilment.~Tunji Oyedokun

Monday, 5 June 2017

You have a purpose to fulfil!

You have a purpose to fulfil! Make a firm decision to fulfil your purpose in life before it is too late. You were born to do more than just go to work, acquire wealth, pay bills and die. You were born to impact positively as many lives as possible. You were born to live an exemplary life. A life worthy of imitation. "It is better not to have been born than coming to this world and leaving without fulfiling purpose. Moreover, the question of knowing your true purpose will come to an end the moment you discover your true talent. Because your talent is the answer to living a life of purpose." Know that the essence of your talent is to change and impact many lives positively.
There is no life without an expiry date. What will you be remembered for when your time on earth comes to an abrupt end? The value of life is not about how long but how effective you live. Be aware that only those who give to the society selflessly can expect to be remembered by the society. Live your life doing good! You deserve fulfilment.~Tunji Oyedokun

Friday, 2 June 2017

Be specific whenever you pray to God for something.

Be specific whenever you pray to God for something. Don't be general in your prayers and don't just conclude that because of His omniscience attributes He will grant you all your heart desires without asking specifically. Of course, He knows you and everything that will happen to you but He still requires you to ask that which you want. Read Matthew 7:7. You deserve success!~Tunji Oyedokun

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Contribute your part to the world!

Contribute your part to the world! Make a decision to have a positive impact on people's lives with your talent. What is the essence of you having that talent if you can't inspire and change people's lives with it? What is your purpose on earth and if you exit this world today, what will you be remembered for? Think about how you're living your life. Are you creating or solving problems?
Know that for you to make a positive impact in the world, you must first realize why you are here, then discover your talent and start to pursue your passion. Only then you can channel your talent towards impacting lives positively. How positively are you using your talents as an actor, artiste, athlete, a speaker, writer and so on? Decide to fulfill the purpose for your creation. Determine to leave a mark behind. Sometimes, I wonder if many of our singers are impacting lives positively with their songs or just doing business. Do the right thing! Live out your purpose in life! You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Monday, 29 May 2017

Go and pay your dues.

If you want to be great and achieve enormous success in life, go and pay your dues. Often times we aspire and try to be like the successful people that have achieved greatly for themselves but we fail to take into consideration what they have passed through to arrive at the successful land they are. It should be noted that many of the successful and wealthy people we try to emulate have all worked very hard to achieve success. However, it will not be right to focus alone on their successes that are visible but the number of candles they have burnt and sleepless nights they have observed.
Imbibe the mentality of working hard. It is nothing more than a daydream if you're pursuing a dream and hardwork is missing. Pay the price of success! Be hardworking! Make a decision to come out of your comfort zone and work very hard to achieve enormously. We tend to value whatever thing we work hard to get. You possess the power and strength to go all out to achieve all your heart desires. Be great in life. Achieve greatly. You deserve great success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Friday, 26 May 2017

Be hardworking! Make a firm decision to work hard.

Be hardworking! Make a firm decision to work hard to achieve the life you have imagined. Discovering your talent which is the first step in living up to your true potential in life is not enough, you must work hard if you are going to fulfill the reason for your existence. Talent without hardwork is going to be redundant. While talent when harmonised well together with hardwork produce great success.
Now, what are the things you need to do to ensure that you are working hard? By being creative, by spending enough time to develop and hone your skills, by reheasing, by practising, by studying and learning more and by exercising your skills repeatedly or regularly in order to improve your proficiency.
Strive to achieve greatness in life. Whatever you work hard to achieve is what you place a high value on. Many successes have crumbled because they were achieved without hardwork. Stop playing small and work your way up to your greatness. Pay the price of success now. Be hardworking! You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Make an effort to achieve success!

Make an effort to achieve success! Decide to make a serious attempt to live out your purpose in life. You need to do something great and exceptional with all the motivational articles, books, videos, audios you read, watch and listen to everyday. Doing all these things and not achieving success is like entering a jewel mine and coming out with empty hands.
Take action! Let all the words you have been hearing and reading begin to push you to live a purposeful life. Do not be the hearer and reader only. Be the doer! Let the words help you to discover your talent and what gives you satisfaction and fulfillment when you do it. Let them push you to make a serious attempt to live out your dream in life. Know that no one is gonna push you to do something either small or great in life. You've got to stand in for yourself. You've got to envision greatness and pursue it with all your power. Make an effort now! You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun