Friday, 8 June 2018

Claim a better life! You deserve something great in life.

Claim a better life! You deserve something great in life. You deserve a better fate. Stop accepting unpleasant fate whenever life knocks you down. Reject any form of bad fate life might throw at you. Get on your feet with all your strength and look life in the face that you aren't taking it. You aren't taking failure anymore! Say to life you've failed countless times and learned your lessons.
Declare that henceforth you are ready to live a meaningful, satisfying and successful life for the rest of your life. Let what comes out of your mouth be positive at all times. Stop speaking negative words into your destiny. Stop blaming yourself for your past blunders. Your words create your world.
Always say no more sorrow, no more failure, no more pains, no more backwardness, no more fear, no more abandoning of dreams. Believe that you will fulfill your purpose in life. Let your daily actions and words push you closer and closer to your greatness. You will get there! You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Make your dream a reality!

Make your dream a reality! Make a decision not to keep pursuing your dream for several years without accomplishing it. Determine firmly to make it a reality regardless of any adversity you may be experiencing. Is there any gain in wasting time, energy and resources on a dream for several years without anything to show for it?
Find out what you need to do to make your dream a reality and begin to engage in it immediately. If you lack knowledge of what you need to do to accomplish your dream, then go to people that know more than you to mentor, teach or coach you. If you lack the capital to make your dream a reality, it's high time you sought for help from people or organisations that could help you.
Your dream is an idea or vision that is not real until you pursue it and make it a reality. No matter what happens, don't let it die. If you so believe that what you pursue is really your dream, then hold on to it and do anything to make it a reality. The time is now! You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Monday, 4 June 2018

Keep doing it!

Keep doing it! Make a decision to continue taking those important steps about changing your life where you are without giving up even if you're yet to achieve success.
If you are doing the right things, you won't be hidden for long. Your work will bring you to the limelight sooner than you've envisaged and success will come looking for you. Whether with your dreams, in your business, relationship, study and personal life. Decide to keep doing those right and important things.
Moving forward in pursuit of a better life will not be in the absence of difficulties of life but achieving your desired life in the presence of misfortune and depression is what confirms you a great and successful person. Make up your mind that you won't stop until success is achieved. Keep moving forward relentlessly in pursuit of a great life. Live right! Work right!! You deserve success!!!~Tunji Oyedokun

Friday, 1 June 2018

Keep going forward!

Keep going forward! Make a decision to keep moving forward in the pursuit of a meaningful and purposeful life even if you're clueless about what lies ahead for you in the journey of life.
You may not have an idea of what your dreams will bring. You might have been pursuing your dreams for a while without getting a good result to show for it. It may seem as if you have chosen to pursue a wrong dream. Not getting your desired outcome may be a tough situation for you to handle. You may be thinking of giving up on yourself.
Wait a minute and think about the time and energy you've exhausted trying to achieve success. Would you want your energy, time and resources to be a waste? Is there any gain in giving up?
Get up and stand on your feet! Determine strongly not to relent in moving toward your greatness. Remain focused and keep believing that you will get there. Don't let anything stop you. Have a die-hard attitude. You'll reach your successful end if you don't give up. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Make a decision to dream, pursue and realise!

As the first month in 2018 comes to an end today, make a decision to dream, pursue and realise! Dream of what you want to become or achieve in life, pursue it with with utmost seriousness, passion and determination to make it a reality no matter what it takes. Is there any success without a dream? Anyone without a vision is like being dead while alive.
Moreover, having a dream is different from pursuing it and pursuing a dream is different from realising it. There are millions of people in the world with good ideas that are not being pursued and there are several dreams that are being abandoned or shattered everyday for fear of failure or lack of patience to keep going forward till success is achieved.
Be the person you want to be. Achieve the success you deserve. You were created to be great in life. Take a step further on your dream. A dream is an idea or vision that is not real until you pursue and make it a reality. Don't let your ideas die! DREAM, PURSUE and REALISE! You deserve success!~Tunji Oyedokun

Monday, 29 January 2018

Have you been called by God to evangelize?

Have you been called by God to work for Him by evangelizing? Have you been mandated to share the good news of Jesus Christ in order to win souls into the fold of Christ and you have no idea of where to begin? Have you been postponing in starting God's work and God has been neglecting you and everything you lay your hands has been unsuccessful?
Here is a tip for you, just start somewhere, no more time to waste. To work for God is to win souls and take them to heaven by all means such as teaching, counselling and encouraging them to be steadfast in the Faith until they get to heaven. Of course, you can't give what you don't have. You can't do this without giving your life to Christ in totality first. You then need Holy Spirit, God's Presence, Power and Holiness to carry out His work efficiently and successfully. Be obedient to God's words and see your life begin to change for the better. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Friday, 26 January 2018

A message of hope for you.

No matter how devastated you are in life, this message is here to give you hope. That no matter your situation, there is always light at the end of a tunnel. That after darkness is always a brighter day and all you need do is to keep your head up whenever you go through the dark times. I know many single mothers experience pain and suffer a lot to raise their children. I know what people that have lost the jobs they have dedicated their life to go through. I have an idea of what children without their parents also go through. I am aware of how tough it is for someone that has experienced a shattered dream to put the pieces together again.
My message of hope to you this day is that all is gonna be alright eventually if you can keep on keeping on. No sorrow lasts forever. Sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning. Keep moving forward. Keep praying and let your faith be so strong in God. Plead for fresh anointing upon you. You will see your life changing gradually for the better. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Answer the call!

Answer the call! Living your dreams is a calling you must answer if you are going to depart this world a fulfilled being. Answering the call may not be an easy thing to do and in fulfilling what you've been called to do, you may face many challenges of life but you must be determined to overcome every difficulty that comes your way inorder to live a life of purpose and fulfil the reason for your calling.
My decision to answer the call to evangelize, inspire, motivate, change and impact lives positively is not in the absence of challenges but I am prepared and determined to overcome every challenges I meet on my way to fulfilling my purpose and the reasons for God's calss upon my life.
Answer the call! It may not be convenient but you can do it. It may require you to give your all but you possess everything in you. He who gives a vision will make a provision. The talent, ideas, power, wisdom are in you. You're wonderfully made. Remember you are here for a purpose. You deserve fulfillment.~Tunji Oyedokun

Monday, 22 January 2018

Discover your talent! Find your true potential and live up to it.

Discover your talent! Find your true potential and live up to it. The only thing God put in you to be successful, fulfilled and live your purpose in life is your talent. You can't buy it with money because it's God-given. Your talent or gift is more important than your credential. Any special or natural skill you use very well other than the one acquired from school or through education is your talent.
As it is impossible for an ocean to stop producing fishes, that is how it is when you discover your true talent. The ideas just flow without difficulty. And when you discover your true talent, living your dreams becomes easy. Discover your talent. Find out what gives you joy whenever you engage in it and begin to use it to achieve success and impact many lives positively. Your talent is the answer to living a life of purpose. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Friday, 19 January 2018

Live your dream in life!

Live your dream! Make a decision to live for what you believe in. Refuse to let people's opinions that don't define you destroy you. Don't take into consideration all the unpleasant things people say about you and your dream. Don't give ears to their gossip. Know that we're all here for different purposes, perhaps they are fulfilling their own purpose by engaging in gossip about others. Don't care about whatever rumour they spread about you. It may be painful to you but don't let it stop you from living your dream.
One of the things that has stopped many people from living their dreams is because they care so much about the unpleasant things people say about them. Fulfil your purpose in life. Achieve success despite criticism. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun