Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Answer the call!

Answer the call! Living your dreams is a calling you must answer if you are going to depart this world a fulfilled being. Answering the call may not be an easy thing to do and in fulfilling what you've been called to do, you may face many challenges of life but you must be determined to overcome every difficulty that comes your way inorder to live a life of purpose and fulfil the reason for your calling.
My decision to answer the call to evangelize, inspire, motivate, change and impact lives positively is not in the absence of challenges but I am prepared and determined to overcome every challenges I meet on my way to fulfilling my purpose and the reasons for God's calss upon my life.
Answer the call! It may not be convenient but you can do it. It may require you to give your all but you possess everything in you. He who gives a vision will make a provision. The talent, ideas, power, wisdom are in you. You're wonderfully made. Remember you are here for a purpose. You deserve fulfillment.~Tunji Oyedokun

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