Monday, 15 January 2018

Make your mark in life!

Make your mark in life! Get up and do the things that matter while you are alive. Don't allow your terminal illness to deprive you of your fulfillment in life. Don't let your terminal disease stop you from chasing after your dreams. Stay happy, enjoy life and make a move to do something with your life even if you have a short time to live. Make a decision to leave this world a fulfilled person. Refuse to take those talents, ideas, creativity, gifts with you to the grave.
For you to be reading this message means you are not bedridden or at the point of death. It means you can still get up and do something with your life. It means you can still impact people's lives positively despite your situation. It means you still have a chance to achieve success. Don't mope! Get up now and utilise your talent. Leave a good legacy. Be remembered for good long after you've left this world. It is not over for you. You can still live a life of purpose. You deserve fulfillment!~Tunji Oyedokun

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