About Me


Tunji Oyedokun is an Evangelist, a Teacher of the Word at Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Author and Counsellor who goes from one denomination to another on invitation to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and inspire people to discover and begin to use their God-given talents to live a fulfiled life. He is also a Columnist at Nigerian NewsDirect Newspaper on motivation and inspiration. He is the Founder of Tunji Oyedokun Ministries {TOM} which has Tunji Oyedokun Solutions {TOS} as its subsidiary with the aims and objectives of:

1. Preaching the Gospel to all mankind as authorized by Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15.

2. Setting people free from the yoke of sin by pointing them to Jesus Christ and His finished work of redemption at Calvary.

3. Exposing and showing God's love with compassion to all mankind through Jesus Christ.

4. Teaching and encouraging people to believe in God and do His will and in doing so, success is achievable.

5. Sharing the news of the coming of the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:14-15), and of Jesus's death on the cross and resurrection to restore people's relationship with God.

6. Inspiring people worldwide through media to discover their God-given gifts, utilize them to impact people's lives positively and live a life of purpose.

Tunji Oyedokun has gone on in life to learn from his own personal experiences in all areas of life. He is changing many lives around the world with his stories of overcoming life challenges and fear to discover his talent and start living his dreams.

As a child, Tunji suffered from a disease that was thought to have affected part of his brain which prevented him from talking for months and also affected his speech. With God and the untiring efforts of his parents he was able to overcome the sickness.

The talented Tunji is concerned about people discovering their talents and start pursuing their dreams. He is known for his teachings on how people can live up to their true potential in life and how to achieve success. He also teaches people how to utilize their talents to achieve greatness and impact people's lives positively. He has a dream of becoming a world renowned motivational and inspirational speaker, writer and preacher to have come out of Nigeria. He believes you would definitely achieve success in life if you: do God's will, don't give up on yourself and don't relent in pursuit of your dream. YOU DESERVE SUCCESS!

Mission Statement:

“To preach the Good News of Christ to people worldwide. To inspire, motivate, change and impact positively as many people as possible to discover their talents, pursue their dreams, achieve success and live a life of purpose.”
Vision Statement:

“To become a world-renowned preacher, motivational speaker, writer, author and evangelist by teaching and preaching the Good News of Christ to people worldwide and inspiring people to discover their talents and live a life of purpose through my videos, audios, articles, and books.”



  1. Wisdom-laden Blog with so much inspiration. You are doing a great work Mr Tunji; more grace sir!

    1. Thank you Prince for your comment and for visiting my blog. Remain blessed bro! You deserve success.